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Chore Services

Would you like to have someone assist you or someone you know in doing things that cannot be done for themself?

The Chore Program provides assistance in the home of our participants. The goal of this program is to provide the individual with assistance in maintaining a clean, sanitary, and safe home environment. Services can include heavy household chores or routine/regular services like general household tasks.

The Arc of Hilo can help you with:

dove   Heavy household chores (e.g. washing floors, windows and walls, tacking down loose rugs and tiles,       moving heavy items of furniture for safe access and egress).
dove   Routine or regular services (e.g. meal preparation, general cleaning).

Intent of the Service:

dove   Chore services that are provided are essential to the participantís health and welfare.
dove   Is not part of regular chore routine carried out by members of the participantís household.
dove   Occur only when anyone else financially providing for him or her, other relative(s), caregiver, landlord,       community/volunteer agency, or third party payer is not capable or responsible for providing these       services.

For more information on The Arc of Hilo's Community Support Services, please contact
CSS Program Manager, at 808-935-8535, ext 213

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